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About the McGrawhill Publications

About the McGrawhill Publications

Press Mkgrvhyl obliged knows that with the cooperation of students, graduates, teachers, professors, educators and planners in the field of education as well, using the capabilities of experts in science around the world in an efficient and compatible with the capabilities of individual and global needs achieve the This will improve the quality of educational activities and increase their productivity.

With the use of the contents and implications of scientific updates and Zmayshmhvr as well, relying on advanced technological gadgets of this publication to explore and develop the best methods of scientific evaluation, ways of teaching and learning rather than yield performance of students, teachers, and ultimately educational institutions to the maximum To reach

McGraw-Hill Educational Institution, now with more than 6,000 active employees in 44 countries and publishing scientific and educational content in more than 60 languages, has won its status as the most active and successful international publisher.

What you need to know about McGraw-Hill:

• The McGrawline International Educational Institution has official representation in more than 44 countries.

• The Institute annually publishes more than 400 books in the field of higher education to meet the global needs of educational content.

• McGrawline is the world's leading provider of scientific content to more than 60 languages.

• Seven McGrawline publishing centers around the world are engaged in the compilation and publication of educational content and translation into other languages.

• The specialized titles of these publications are translated more than 1000 times annually and into over 50 languages.

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about Wolters Kluwer

About Lipincott William Wilkins

Lipkinat William Wilkins (LWW) is one of the publishers covered by Wolters Kluwer.

The publisher's activity is to provide information, data, software and services in a global context. Customers from Lipincott William Wilkins are experts in a variety of fields, including law, trade, tax, accounting, auditing, assets, business ventures, medical knowledge, and so on. Each year more than 275 specialized journals are published by this publication.

Many medical books published by this publication are the main references of students and doctors. The Lipinkat Office is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has offices in London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

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about elsevier some of the biggest publishers on the world

About Elsevier

Elsevier (Dutch pronunciation: Alsweire) is one of the world's largest medical and scientific press publishers.

Founded in 1880 in the Netherlands. Its early productions included the Lancet's Journal, Tuberculosis, and books including Gray's Anatomy and ... The head office is located in Amsterdam, Amsterdam, and employs around 7,000 people in over 70 offices in 24 countries for Elsevier.

The company is one of the main sources of information resources in the world, aiming at improving its various professions in the scientific, health and technology fields, and helps actors in this field to make the best decision, provide the best service and even They will find innovative discoveries to develop the boundaries of knowledge and human advancement.

In addition to providing online and digital resources (including ScienceDirect, Scopus, Evolve, Knovel, Reaxys, and ClinicalKey), more than 2,500 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and more than 33,000 book titles, include the most prominent reference books. . Al-Sawir is one of the subsidiaries of RELX Group plc, one of the world's leading suppliers of information resources for specialized customers in various industries.

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